Lemniscarte, LLC is an audio production house with over a decade in the market, delivering music and sound effects tailored to the costumer's specifications.
Our wide domain of expertise ranges from found sound manipulation all the way to analog synthesizer sound sculpting and live instrument recording.



Works from 2005 to last week. Video games, apps, surf videos, fashion shows & more.



Well thought-out sounds have the power of making your project more immersive, whether it's motion graphics, animation, explainer video, interactive installation or game.

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    Sound branding for the Sphere App
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    Sound branding for the Sphere App
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    The Fascists wins, People vs Fascists game
  • 0:08
    The People wins, People vs Fascists game


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About me

My name is Ingo Duarte and I’m the founder of Lemniscarte. I’m a drummer, carnaval band founder, surfer, dog lover, synth geek, composer and sound designer.

I’ve been doing all this for some 20 years. Except dogs, I’ve loved them since I was a baby.

I am passionate about sound and its narrative strength. That's why I approach projects as a collaborator: by giving educated input as well as being flexible and communicative I can find new ways to give my clients exactly what they want.

Moving from Brazil to California, by way of France, I can say that I’m lucky to have been exposed to different music, instruments, and its incredible musicians - from many places in the world.


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